Saturday, September 22, 2007

Last Day of Summer

Today is offically the last day of summer. It was the most gorgeous, hot summer day. No "near fall like" weather here. Just plain old SUMMER. My boyfriend and I decided we would spend the day outside and take it all in.
We started our sunny day with a snack at the Queen Mother Cafe.

The patio was open so we could enjoy the sun while snacking. We ordered a delicious toasted flat bread with Guacamole dip. The Guacamole was made with the usual avacado, but it also had mango and wasabi mixed in too! We loved it!

My boyfriend had a Caesar and I had a nice cup of Orange Pekoe tea. A lot of people were out today on the patio.

Then we headed across to Queen Street West to look at all the outdoor jewelry vendors. (I used to sell my handmade jewelry in this same location back in 1999 and 2000. My PRE-ebay days :)
What a super day to be shopping outdoors!

Then we headed to Kensington Market. My favorite shop there is Courage My Love.
They have the prettiest collection of beads. Here is a picture I took today of the bead display.

Then we had to stop off at my other favorite shop in Kensington Market called Global Cheese.
I have a *slight* cheese addiction :)
This is a picture of me pointing at my favorite cheese, Smoked Gouda. I had to get a big slice of it to take home.

It was a perfect day. I might have even got a bit of a burn from the sun. I hope the weather keeps up like this!


Carol said...

Tascha, I enjoyed your mini tour of Toronto. It looks like such a cute city! I've never been there although my husband's cousin lived there for a few years.

turquoise cro said...

O! TASCHA! I LOVE that bead shop! and my mom has a cheese addiction too! I LOVE cheese too! I haven't had a piece of Swiss in soOooOo long! I love provolone!!!and we always have Mozzarella in the house!I hate to seeeeeeeee summer go!!!

turquoise cro said...

I forgot to mention how CUTE and SWEET YOU look!!! xoxoxoxo